Documents required to rent a car

Car rental requirements in Dubai Documents needed to rent a car in Dubai International Driving License Can I drive in Dubai with a UK license? Can a US citizen rent a car in Dubai? Rent a car in the UAE without deposit New license holders Important documents required for renting a car in Dubai Cars are the most-preferred means to explore Dubai and Abu Dhabi so car rentals are very common amongst visitors and expats in the UAE. A car rental is an independent way to travel in Dubai which enables you to explore much more compared to taxi. With a car rental, you can go much beyond Dubai, to other emirates of the UAE. Also, if you are travelling with children then public transport can be a troublesome experience, making rental cars a preferred mode among families visiting Dubai.. The driving license requirements in the UAE keep changing so it is always a wise decision to go through the latest guidelines by Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, more importantly if you are renting a car in Dubai for the first time. In the UAE, each emirate might have its own rules so make sure that you are familiar with the rules of the emirates you are going to visit.